Best of my Franklin Class - Fall 2010

So, here it is, the best of my first semester teaching digital Fine Art Photography at Franklin College. The class is a mix of students - art majors to pre-med, first-time photographers to experienced DSLR users who made the transition from film.

This is the best of what they did. For this first set, there is one photo for every student in the class.

(all rights to these belong to the students who created them)


The trouble with camera phones.

Is that you want to take every photo you see. But then, later, you look at the whole bunch and say "Hm. Nice composition. I wish I hadn't taken it with my phone."

At least I figured out how to take them without cheeseball borders. 


My web site is up.

And I'm pretty excited about it. :)



I shot these this weekend as examples for my students.

The only requirement was that they shoot with fore/middle/background and that they meet the requirements of a "fate" card they drew in class. Mine happened to be "Paper. Cut, fold or otherwise manipulate paper and use it as an integral part of your final image." Of course, I completely threw my fore/mid/background rule out the window, but I'll take the "C."